Our Mission

We believe the Great Commission is a commission for all Christians. According to Mark 16:15, Jesus says "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature". God has called our family to go to the city of Butte, Montana, on behalf of all churches that will partner with us Acts 20:20 Life In Gospel Focus in this much needed ministry. Unlike some areas of the world where church planters are able to establish a church and turn it over to a national, the Northwestern United States seems to be very different.

Many missionaries have come and gone, and they are looking for someone that is willing to invest their time in them. They are tired of those who come and go. We plan to move to the city and remain there. We plan to start this new church, and remain as the pastor of this church as long as God would have us to be there. From there, we will minister to the people and pray that God would raise up men to the preaching ministry and send them out as missionaries, evangelists, or become pastors in nearby areas.

Our burden is for the state of Montana and the Northwestern United States, but the Great Commission tells us to go into all the WORLD, and the ones God raises will be encouraged to follow Him anywhere He leads. Our ultimate goal is to reproduce ourselves around the world! We desire that fruit may abound to the account of churches around the country that desire to support this ministry. Philippians 4:17 - "Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.".

Our Goals
  • Start a new Independent Baptist Church and remain there as Pastor
  • Evangelize the lost in the city
  • Reach the students of the University
  • Help the saints to grow in the Lord
  • Start an addictions program such as Reformers Unanimous (RU)
  • Pray that God would raise up His people for the ministry
  • Train those who God calls or those that desire a deeper knowledge of God's Word
Our Vision

When we first arrive in Butte, we plan to take the first few months to get better aquainted with the city and get our family comfortable in our new home. At the same time, I will be making contacts in and around the city, along with working to lead people to Christ. As God leads, we will work to start a weekly Bible study time for new converts and whoever is willing to attend. During this time, I plan to visit with some of the local realestate agencies, police department, and more, to better understand the area as we make plans to find the best location that we can afford, and that will be most visible to the public. We have already looked at hotel conference rooms, and there are various good options to choose from. Ideally, we would be able to find a store front type of location to start in. This is our idea, but God may provide something completely different when we get there.

We are working with Baptist Church Planting Ministries to assist us in the process of starting the new church. They have much experience in helping churches plant churches, and they leave full authority in the hands of my sending church and pastor. They have assisted us in finding a meeting location, along with making sure we have identified the many components to starting this church. Through this process, we have located and secured the Comfort Inn of Butte's Montana Room for all of our services and "Get Acquainted Meetings". Now, we can focus on getting our literature printed and in the months prior to the start of the church, we will be able to start going door to door and speaking with the community to share an invitation to the new church, along with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our home church will be coming out to assist us with this startup, and we are praying other churches will join us during this time to help us reach the largest group we can with this information. We will set a date for our first service and advertise it as well as we can throughout the community. As we start seeing converts, we will also start discipleship classes during the week, and start teaching the people.

With Montana Tech and Highlands College, both of the University of Montana, located in the city of Butte, we plan to look into ways to reach those students. There are almost 2,700 students that the university brings to the city each year. 76% of the students are from the state of Montana. We have witnessed and worked with some people that have been able to get a club started at Montana State University, and we hope to leverage their expertise in getting into the University of Montana.

There are many other opportunities throughout the city. With numerous festivities throughout the year, we hope to be able to get out and distribute literature to the people during the events. Also, there are several public parks and recreation areas throughout the city, and we hope to be able to have evangelistic outreach events held in those locations to get where the people are at. I will work with area pastors as well, to help understand aspects of the city that we can leverage in our outreach. We already have churches supporting our ministry in various capacities across the state, and I have no doubt they will be a huge help to us.

As the church begins to grow, we will start discipleship classes for the new converts during the week. We will be praying for the church and asking God to raise up individuals or families to full time Christian service. We are praying for laborers for His harvest. As God calls people out of His church, we will setup classes to train them, and if God allows, possibly a larger Bible Institute.

Our Request

None of this will be possible without your prayers and financial support of our family and ministry! We are very thankful for those of you that are already praying and giving, and we look forward to being able to provide fruit to your account. We also ask that you read our monthly prayer letters, and pray for the expressed needs. Also, according to Luke 10:2 and Matthew 9:38, we are to "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest". It is our prayer, that God would provide another family to go along side of ours, as I believe it's the model Jesus set forth in his Word (Luke 10:1). Our family thanks you for your prayers!

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